Dear friends:


Welcome to our website!


I'm behalf of the whole staff, show sincere welcome for you!

Relying on excellent talent mechanism, we attract talent from the globe; relying on innovation, our scale extends fast and our brand value increases; relying on enterprising spirit, XILIN is creating national first class enterprise, sealing in the enterprise history.

The reform and development make XILIN youthful and energetic and make us grow and develop in the deep market economy. Therefore, I sincerely thank you for your caring, help, and loving from all the leaders, partners and customers and show our highest respect! Our glory is based on caring and support of all the friends overseas. Thank you for them who have contributed to our development and them who are working for our company. every one of them has showed their wisdom, which is our fortune and value.

With your caring and support, XILIN will become more vigorous and full of hope. While China is joining the integration of world economy, XILIN will rely on first class management, team,


products and increasing competition power to become stronger through capital operation and brand management. In the new century, XILIN will step into it with stronger will. We will satisfy thenew business and spreading needs with more professional service and advance tools.


Dear friends, let us join together again to contribute our wisdom and love!

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