1)Working culture

What is planned to do for each day should be finished at the same day and should never be delayed to the next day;

Only by concentrating on the work, can one get the work done properly; Only things finished with good outcome can be considered done;

Being active and initiative at work;

Always abide by the orders from your supervisors without compromising them for any reasons or excuses.


2)Human resources management

No nepotism in the company; Promote the capable, demote the mediocre, dismiss the incapable; Employees should have a sense of humiliation, crisis and responsibility;

Bold use of talents with virtue, restrictive use of talents without virtue, cultivating use of employees with virtue but without talents, no use of people without virtue or talents;

Outstanding employees should not only do their own work well, but also lead others to do their jobs well.



No narrow-minded leaders allowed; Leaders should bear in mind their three responsibilities: exemplifying, education, supervision.


4)Manufacturing culture

No qualified products can be produced without eligible employees;

Safety is an integral part of production. First safety, then production;

No factory can exist without successful 6S production site management;

Quality control should guide the process of production, always conform to product standards;

Enforce grading and team maintenance on all equipments

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